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posted at 5:02 am on Monday
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Holla at ya boy if you know somebody
posted at 8:28 am on Tuesday
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(via by Francesco Riccardo Iacomino)
posted at 8:25 am on Tuesday
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(by LOLO Italiana)
posted at 8:21 am on Tuesday
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posted at 8:18 am on Tuesday
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M8: The Lagoon Nebula  Image Credit & Copyright: Ignacio Diaz Bobillo
This beautiful cosmic cloud is a popular stop on telescopic tours of the constellation Sagittarius. Eighteenth century cosmic tourist Charles Messier cataloged the bright nebula as M8. Modern day astronomers recognize the Lagoon Nebula as an active stellar nursery about 5,000 light-years distant, in the direction of the center of our Milky Way Galaxy. Hot stars in the embedded open star cluster NGC 6530 power the nebular glow. Remarkable features can be traced through this sharp picture, showing off the Lagoon’s filaments of glowing gas and dark dust clouds. Twisting near the center of the Lagoon, the small, bright hourglass shape is the turbulent result of extreme stellar winds and intense starlight. The alluring color view was captured with a telescope and digital camera while M8 was high in dark, rural Argentina skies. At the nebula’s estimated distance, the picture spans over 60 light-years.
posted at 6:13 am on Thursday
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Chet Faker’s new video for Talk Is Cheap done by Toby And Pete!!
posted at 6:13 am on Thursday
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Flume & Chet Faker
posted at 6:12 am on Thursday
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posted at 6:12 am on Thursday
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posted at 8:25 pm on Saturday
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